Sand Fill and Top Up

New, re-furbished and existing playgrounds 

We do it right - the first time! 
All too often when we clean a sand pit, we see where things have not been done right - unfortunately it is the children who have been placed at risk of injury. If an injury occurs, and where the injury was foreseeable and preventable, you may be held liable. It is important, that if you are the person responsible for the playground, you have taken the necessary steps to ensure Australian standards are followed.
New / re-furbished playgrounds.
Once a pit is filled with sand the problems are hidden. Before a new or re-furbished pit is topped up with sand it should be inspected to ensure there will be no hidden dangers. Don't assume because you are paying for a new pit to be installed, or a pit to be re-furbished that the base will be prepared properly and the sand will be topped up according to Australian Standards. We have included some examples below to prove our point.
Existing playground top up.
There is no better time and it makes perfect sense to top up a sand pit than immediately after it has been cleaned. At Sifting Sand we can arrange to top up your pit with new white sand immediately after it we have sifted it. Saving you time, money and most importantly ensuring that new sand is not placed on top of dirty sand.
When we top up a pit we ensure that the pit is filled correctly, this means:
  • We will bring to your attention issues we notice from instillation of equipment or walls
  • We add the right level of sand - not over filled or under filled
  • We fill all areas of the pit which includes underneath the equipment and in fall zones
  • We level the pit.
  • We take into consideration other factors such as pit slope and wind direction.
  • We do it right

Examples of sand top up completed properly by Sifting Sands

Location 1


1) Walls put around existing area &               2) Playground cleaned and levelled                 3) Sand top up - Correctly filled

     new equipment installed


 Location 2


 1) Walls put around existing area &                2) Playground cleaned and levelled                3) Sand top up - Correctly filled

     new equipment installed


Examples of sand top up done poorly - NOT by Sifting Sands

Pit 1                                                                     Pit 2


Pit 1) - Sand dumped in from around the edges & not filled under the equipment or in fall zones. New sand dumped on top of old sand without cleaning first, wind will blow the new sand out of the pit as it is to the top of the walls. Slide cannot be used properly.

Pit 2) - Sand dumped in from only two sides and not under all equipment or in fall zones. Sand pit over filled on one end and under filled the other. New sand dumped on top of old sand without cleaning first, wind will blow the new sand out of the pit as it is to the top of the walls.



Example of a poorly constructed and poorly maintained playground



It is most likely this sand pit was not inspected after it had been constructed and prior to the sand being filled. If the playground was inspected after the sand was filled, then a number of hazards and problems would not have been evident. It is only now, after all the sand has blown from the playground that the problems surface. Unfortunately to remedy this playground will cost thousands of dollars.

Some points to note

  • Hard clay base very close to the surface - not dug out correctly or to required depth.
  • With no regular cleaning the sand has mounded on one side of the pit then just continued to blow out - result is virtually no sand left in the pit.
  • If sand was filled in this pit it would be to the top of the walls and simply blow out again as can be seen by the third photo.
  • Lack of suitable soft fall presents a hazard to the user.
  • Concrete footings at surface level presents a hazard to users.
  • Even if the concrete footings were covered in sand it is most likely they would still be too close to the surface
  • Height of slide too low - once filled with sand the slide would be covered and become virtually un-useable
  • The pit was not cleaned before the sand was put down hence all the gravel remaining in the pit.
  • Location and positioning of the playground does not utilise natural shade.
  • Potential litigation.

Solution - Always have the playground inspected prior to filling with sand, by an independent third party and always have the playground cleaned prior to filling with sand.



Example of a concret footing on the surface of a sand pit 


Comments - Footing should be at least 300mm below the surface. This is an injury waiting to happen. Potential litigation.