Schools and Other Learning Centres

Specialising in cleaning small sand areas such as playgrounds, Sifting Sands operates a specially designed and customised Sand Cleaning Machine that is capable of sifting / sieving / screening small areas of sand to remove general litter, animal droppings, plastic, glass, broken bottles, cigarette butts, syringes, stones, straws, leaves and other small debris.

The type of machine used is transportable, highly manoeuvrable and able to be taken to sand locations without damaging surrounding areas. We can access even the smallest and tightest sand pits ensuring at the end of the clean the sand pit is level and sand has been moved back into the important fall zones.

At the completion of every clean we will provide photo’s of the clean including any hazardous items found and a Waste Collection Report which we recommend be maintained on file to ensure any Duty of Care requirements can be demonstrated.

All of our Cleaning Operators have been trained in the cleaning techniques required to comprehensively clean the playgrounds usually located in Early Learning Centres.  Additionally, all of our Cleaning Operators come with current National Police Clearances and where required Working with Children Cards.

Due to very nature of pits continually loosing sand, we also specialise in sand replenishment to the most difficult of areas.

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Before - Small Sand Pit Pit 1 before
After - Small Sand Pit Pit 1 after

Before - Small Sand Area Pit 2 before
After - Small Sand Area Pit 2 after

Before - Small Sand Pit Pit 3 before
After - Small Sand Pit Pit 3 after

Before - Sand Playground Pit 4 before
After - Sand Playground Pit 4 after

Before - Small Sand Pit Pit 5 before
After - Small Sand Pit Pit 5 after