Why Choose Sifting Sands?

Sifting Sands offers the most comprehensive cleans

Our cleaning methods have been refined over a number of years to ensure we are delivering the best possible clean at a fair price. Any person that completes work for us has had extensive training to ensure they deliver the quality of clean that we promise.

The type of machine we use

Most sand cleaning machines are designed for beaches – not for playgrounds, hence when it comes to cleaning playgrounds that are full of equipment they cannot get into many tight areas, something that is essential for an effective clean. At Sifting Sands we use a customised Sifting Machine that has been designed with playgrounds in mind, meaning that we can get in and out of most locations.

We are also able use the machine to move the sand back to where it belongs (such as in critical soft fall zones) and level the pit as we clean. The benefit of this is we achieve a great clean which removes the maximum amount of litter and debris.

Complete management of your soft fall areas

Sifting Sands can document, review and recommend a cleaning schedule to suit your needs, ranging from a comprehensive clean to a basic maintenance level clean. We also track when cleans are due, when they are completed, and provide this information to our customers in a simple to use format.

Waste Collection Report

We provide our customers with a waste collection report with before and after photo’s detailing the type and amount of rubbish which has been removed, including any hazardous items. This report should be maintained to ensure Duty of Care requirements are being meet.

Passion for excellence

At Sifting Sands we have a passion for excellence and will always deliver the best possible clean……every time!